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May 2020

Victor Quezada

Congratulations to Victor Quezada for winning a $500 ATS/Micromeritics Graduate Travel Poster Prize at CEMWOQ-6.5 for his outstanding virtual poster presentation.

May 2020

Pedro Donnarumma

Congratulations to Pedro Donnarumma for being accepted to the ACS Summer School on Green Chemistry & Sustainable Energy. Although the school will not run in July 2020, Pedro plans to travel to Golden, Colorado in 2021 to attend!

April 2020

Paola Marino

Congratulations to Paola Marino for winning a Sustainability Research Award from the Sustainability Action Fund at Concordia University! Paola won this award for her work on using greener alternatives for synthesizing MOFs.

February 2020

Hudson Bicalho

The MOFs win the 23rd Annual Chemistry & Biochemistry Curling fling!

January 2020

Victor Quezada

Victor Quezada wins the Concordia Science Captured Award for capturing a beautiful SEM image of his new MOF CU-10.

October 2019

Felix Saraci

Congratulations to Felix Saraci for winning the 2019 Kanfi-Holzbaur Award in Green Chemistry which he will use to attend the CCCE 2020 in Winnipeg, MB.

October 2019

Ashlee J Howarth

Prof. Howarth wins the 2019 UBC Young Alumnus Award – an award given to a young alumnus whose accomplishments are of such excellence that they provide inspiration and leadership to students and other young alumni.

May 2019


Congratulations to Howarth group members Zvart Ajoyan, Chris Copeman, Pedro Donnarumma, Paola Marino, and Felix Saraci for winning poster prizes at CEMWOQ-6.